5 Signs You Need to Hire a Professional Electrician in Austin


Electrical problems are one of the most common home issues. While you might consider yourself handy with a screwdriver, there is much more to electrical work than meets the eye. In fact, if you’re not careful about your home’s wiring, you could put yourself and your family at risk. How do you know when to call an electrician in Austin? Here are five signs you need help:

Old Wiring

Old, out-of-date wiring is a fire hazard. It can cause electrical problems in your home that are not immediately visible. As many as 70 percent of home fires start in the kitchen, and according to the National Fire Protection Association, those fires are caused by defective wiring or appliances. If you suspect an issue with your home’s electrical system, hire a professional electrician to check it out.

Faulty Outlets

Electrical outlets are a common cause of fires and power surges. They can be dangerous if not appropriately handled by an electrician, so hiring someone with experience is vital. When you have faulty outlets in your home, consider hiring a professional electrician to fix them before they cause severe damage.

Need More Power

You will need a larger electrical power supply if adding more electrical loads. You may need an electrician for the following situations:

  • Adding a new appliance.
  • Upgrading your appliances.
  • Adding a new circuit.
  • Adding a new light fixture.

Signs of Electrical Issues

If you notice any of the following signs in your home, it’s time to call an electrician.

  • Your lights flicker or go out when you flip the switch.
  • You have lights that won’t turn on, but other electronics work fine.
  • You smell an unusual burning odor.

A Home Renovation or Addition

If you’re planning a home renovation or addition, an electrician can help you understand what is in the walls and determine if you need to upgrade the electrical system.

If you are adding more power outlets and fixtures, the electrician in Austin can tell you how much extra work will be needed so that they can ensure it’s done right. A professional will recommend how best to power your new appliances and lighting and where they should go in the room.

If you notice any of these signs, contact us to schedule an appointment with our electrician in Austin.

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