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 At TruTec Electric, we believe in keeping our valued customers well-informed. Here, you'll find a collection of frequently asked questions designed to shed light on our services, processes, and anything else you might be curious about. If you don't see your question answered, feel free to reach out at (512) 641-5311 – we're always here to help with a friendly and professional touch. 

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  • General Questions

    • What type of electrical services does TruTec Electric offer?
      TruTec Electric offers a wide range of electrical services including repairs, installations, and regular maintenance for all electrical work in the home such as electrical wiring, lighting, breakers, panels, meter bases and more.
    • Does TruTec Electric offer warranties for their services?
      Yes, TruTec Electric offers industry-leading warranties for their services to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
    • Can TruTec Electric help with installing electric vehicle chargers?

      Yes, TruTec Electric can assist with all aspects of installing electric vehicle chargers.

    • How can you contact TruTec Electric to schedule an appointment?
      You can contact TruTec Electric to schedule an appointment by calling (512) 641-5311.